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Our Purpose

We strive to help founders to raise funds efficiently through our growing global investor community. We hand curate investors and match these with the Founder  of a growth company.

Since 2015, we have led the effort to providing a friction less and hassle free investor relations (IR) and Fund Raising process. This process is essential to professional investor engagement and predictable and successful fund raising.

We partner with a growth company on the journey to success. Firstly by getting both the funds and partner resources needed to steadily grow the company and secondly support them on the journey to a successful trade sale or public stock market listing.

Our Service Offering

The investor engagement and fund raising process can be divided into two stages:

  • Harvesting expression of interest;
  • Converting expression of interest to sales.

The founders can customise the professional support services as they need them, in each stage:

  • Introduction, via online and offline publishing and events, for Harvesting expression of interests;
    • Investor profiling, targeting and introduction
    • Investor pitching and engagement
    • Investor management


  • Professional Consulting Services for Converting expression of interest to sales.
    • Investment deal offering
    • Investment deal negotiation and deal execution
    • Ongoing post-deal Investor Relations

This involves two complementary relationships, in making a successful deal:

  • The management of the personal relationships; PLUS
  • The management of the content.


What We’ve Achieved

  • We have hand-curated 2,000 investors. These are accredited investors, family offices, independent asset managers, private bankers, private equity funds and sovereign funds.
  • The parent company, Qualvin Advisory, was formed in 2004 to help listed companies achieve a firm and fair share-price. Later we have created EquityDealsAsia to work with privately owned growth companies, focussed upon the Harvesting of Expression of Interests.
  • Since 2015 we have organised small and large physical events. In 2017 for our growth companies we arranged eight events in Singapore. These were tremendously impactful.
  • Our events range from 150 to 350 investor participants giving the opportunity to the founders of  6 to 12 companies to showcase themselves.
    • Large Auditoriums with 150 to 350 subscribers
    • Evening Receptions with 80 to 160 subscribers
    • Boardroom Meet the CEO, with up to 18 subscribers

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